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The Steiner Brothers continued to challenge The Quebecers, but they were unable to regain the Tag Team Championship.[5] As a result of their confrontation at Survivor Series, The Undertaker and Yokozuna faced each other at Royal Rumble 1994 in a casket match for Yokozuna’s WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna’s manager, recruited several heel […]

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That a case to case basis depending on the child. Really cheap anti theft backpack, you have to figure out what currency is most valuable to them, and use the removal of that as a consequence for poor behavior. If they like to play by themselves in their room, then sending them to their room […]

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Sousley reminds the officers that medical marijuana will be legal soon in Missouri, but the officer responds, still illegal. I don have time to wait for that, Sousley says. What would you do? Tell me what you do. Smol Kak is probably desensitized. 8 I grateful for having made friends with in this past yearI […]

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Here what Coun. Theresa Kavanagh, council liaison for women and gender equity, said about the transit commission selection process: concern is we just not pick an equal number of men and women but we also ask them questions on their outlook and I want to know if those questions have been asked. Like what? Whether […]

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Argument 6: What next? Rioting against Crazy Hair Day because one kid might be bald? No. Declining to sanction or participate in a certain activity does not mean that we all a bunch of hogwild jerks who want to ban every activity just because we like to complain. Let trust ourselves as parents to have […]

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When determining how much you can afford to pay in rent for your next apartment, don’t forget to figure out what your average apartment utilities costs will be. It is important to research and ask questions when picking out a new apartment, especially if you are moving to a different city or upgrading from a […]