And another reason researchers can’t claim it’s just the

That her boss. Her girl buddy water proof backpack, Dax, is not only a brilliant scientist but a de facto Klingon warrior with several lifetimes worth of experience. O is the most normal person next to her, and he kicked more Cardassian ass than she did, and did it without civilian casualties. I always said […]

Now, to clean this bustier Coquette recommends hand washing

I admit I did a little jig of happiness. Now, to clean this bustier Coquette recommends hand washing this bustier and then hanging it to dry. I would agree with this recommendation. As we pulled into the station, I recalled an afternoon 10 years earlier. I been riding the Chicago El with my sister, Amy, […]

I pretty sure MJ is even more the truth in heaven and wants to

I have heard MJ say many times in interviews that he was the truth. I pretty sure MJ is even more the truth in heaven and wants to still help people. I hope MIko will soon be honest and realize there is a much higer, spiritual reason for MJ death.. Good story but hardly surprising. […]

The AFL172 was the best in class but they still haven updated

Could check the official focus home interactive forums to see if it a known issue. It was born, maybe stillborn, maybe postmortem stillborn even, but the word born remains. Unborn is almost always reserved for things left in the womb, such as fossils of dead pregnant women with unborn babies in their womb still. fake […]

Look at them and tell me it’s a problem

When choosing a gift vibrators, there are plenty of choices to consider, but nothing puts a smile on a mother face like aBirthstone Bracelet For Mom. This customizable bracelet is an incredible gift option for a variety of special occasions and has particular significance and meaning to mothers. To help choose the best option for […]

You have pondered the topic rather than saying outright

The Best family is being especially protective towards Dickie Best, making appeals for the public and the media to treat as strictly private the removal of the coffin and the actual funeral. George’s sister, Barbara McNarry, speaking on behalf of the family said they had been deeply touched and comforted by the “massive” outpouring of […]

If it works, we get a gargantuan variety of new and awesome

Remember 1? Believe a lady when she tells you something is sexist? Well, sometimes you are that something. Not all people who harbor misogynist ideas are mouth breathing ass grabbers. Some of them are even other women. Celebrity crushes are usually here today and gone tomorrow. When I was growing up back in the eighties […]