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“Being walked in on during sex is a very common experience and

Have you just scarred your kid for life? Certainly not but, depending on your child’s age, you might have some explaining to do.”Being walked in on during sex is a very common experience and a great example of why it is important to knock first, and always respect someone’s privacy,” says sexologist Logan Levkoff. “But […]

Much of the early flurry involved incumbent teams retaining

She’s a natural cook. And I had to work for everything. “Samuelsson entered culinary school at age 16, and soon began working at restaurants across Europe. We were road tripping to the Mexican border through Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, while the former Starbucks CEO considered a run for president as a “centrist independent.” I was writing […]

I’ve had sex with two partners and I’ve NEVER experienced an

99 points submitted 1 day agoHad an Aunt bring up OrangeManBad at the Christmas dinner table of all places. As she proceeded to rail off the traditional NPC reeee about Trump sex toys, I interjected.I told her, look, I not getting into Trumps skin color, the way he chooses to express his opinion, where he […]

It is very important that you do not rub the exterior of the

Heavy fighting in DR Congo Gorilla Park started at 0400 today local time between the rebels of Laurent Nkunda and the army. It has now totally engulfed our Headquarters of Virunga National Park and the Gorilla Sector and our Rangers have been forced to flee into the forests. The rebels now are the only occupants […]

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The group by the river had landed on the no man’s land between the Rio Grande and the tall, steel American fencing. Soil, a place that already has a border wall. Agent with the group was the only one available along that span. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially empowered the military by involving […]

But, if you want life to get better, soon it will

Monk and Mr. Blum. Ms. The only extra scene really worth mentioning is the Bonus Scene, with JC Stinger. It starts with him playing some soulful acoustic guitar, and a pretty brunette girl kind of wanders in, looking dazed and following the music. This scene is pretty awesome as the music transforms into more wild […]