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But the Family also seems to be a much more complex organization than the quasi theocratic movement that Moss and Sharlet make it out to be. The history of the organization suggests that its members and friends also include Christians who reject the Christian nationalism that has come to define much of evangelicalism. Why […]

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The worse condition the country is in the worse it makes Obama look, but they could have done things to help us instead of themselves. If they are elected they will not help us just Grover and buddies. Yes, still carry the weight of the goveronments overspending but that too will soon cease, been sapped […]

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Wehner hopes Americans will come to respect politics once again. He admits that it now seems “dirty” and “undignified” and “corrupt” and “unprincipled” (check, check, check and check), but he insists that politics remains a noble calling and a necessary one. Drawing on Aristotle, Locke and Lincoln, Wehner urges a restoration of moderation, compromise and […]


The upshot of all of this is that YOU get to decide if you’re a lesbian. Your identity is how you choose to describe yourself. As such, you should be open to discussing what specifically your chosen identity means to you, and you should not let others make you feel like your chosen identity is […]

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Our system of democracy is set up to limit the direct influence of the voters. I agree that Trump winning the election grants him a mandate to rule, even if I don agree with what he does. However, just because people voted for him doesn mean his power should be unchecked. USB charging backpack In […]

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Among those criminal charges, violent crime is practically absent. (p. 176). Dual layer jute: top wicks away moisture while the bottom adds strength and makes resoling easy. Flexible EVA outsole offers lightweight, shock absorbing support with lasting durability. Heat Warning Cork footbeds or EVA soles can be damaged by exposure to concentrated heat. canada goose […]